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Dean's inplay software is a great bit of kit. I was one of the first members to join through the podcast and it has just been getting better and better. Dean has recently added some really good additions to the software, my absolute favourite being the new pace tabs which I use for both b2l's & l2b's with great success.

The software has everything I need and more and is now my only subscription for racing stats.

With the software being constantly improved and new features added all the time this definitely gets a big thumbs up from me!

- Donal Murphy


Ive been waiting months to say this ... As you know we dont open many times throughout the year!! 

The doors to the software will be open until midnight on Saturday at midnight on the 3rd May!

We have partnered up with Betfair and The Racing Post to bring you this software … We buy the data direct from these companies and pay 10s of thousands of pounds per year to provide you the very best information in the industry.

This has been the underlining message all the way through the development of the software ... Its so simple ... Even I can use it. 

We are the only software in the world that has the ability to -

1 - Make finding In Play trades that suit your criteria simple and easy 

2 - Has the ability to place and automate trades in to the market through our website
(The automated trade section is in Beta Launch at the minute and you can still use it)

All this is available for just 70p per day.
The software is a real time saver as all the info is in the one place,The comments section in particular is amazing you just ask for it and it gives you what you want without going through every race,every horse. The markets are watching how a horse is travelling and will react to this,so just going through the card and easily looking for these types of runners is a breeze and has now become an enjoyable process, This software is a game changer and if your serious about your trading this will point you in the right direction and save you so much time.

- Raymond McKay (Rayza The Trader)

Hi dean would just like to say how much im loving the new software what i love about it is that everything i need is all within the one http://page. Im a keen follower of going class trip and hcp mark and at the click of a button its all there for me.its a very simple and easy to use and read piece of software and with the latest additions of pace and lay-2-back this has taken your site to another level and i also here you have more planned additions ie ticks this can only add to my armour when going to battle with the markets keep up the great work u have done. Regards

- Nicky
So To Recap Here Is What You Get
Race Card Page
Dob Page
Back to Lay Page
Lay to Back Page
Pace Page
Comment Search Page
Tick Page
Tracker Tab
Racing Post In Running Comments
Racing Post Spotlight 
Pace Score for every 
Pace map for every race, Gives you quick overview of how the race is likely to be run
The ability to delete horses from search results

AND then there is the BOT where you can set and forget your bets .. The list what the software offers is crazy
Honestly I am so excited for you to experience the software …. Like Ive said above - I truly believe this software will change your trading forever!!

Loads of Betting Man Love


P.S - This isnt a get rich quick software or idea, it may take time to master In Play Trading ... I just wanted to throw that in as I didnt want you to expect to turn it on and instantly make thousands of pounds in the first day. 

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